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TCS Biosciences Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of human serum and plasma in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Human serum and plasma products have proved over many years to be suitable material for biochemical and in-vitro diagnostic applications including EIA, IFA, CF, RIA and latex agglutination. They are also suitable for use as controls, standards and calibrators.

Material is also suitable for tissue culture and other research applications. Customers should satisfy themselves that a particular product is suitable for their requirements before purchase.

Products available from TCS Biosciences Ltd:

  • Human Serum - off the clot - sterile or non-sterile
  • Human Plasma - sterile or non-sterile. Catalogue product is citrated (CPD) but other anticoagulants (Heparin, EDTA or oxalate) are available on request.
    Both serum and plasma are available as individual donor units (IDUs) or pools of mixed group and gender.
    Additionally, IDUs and pools may be specified with particular group or gender.
    All serum and plasma units have been screened and found non-reactive for Hepatitis B, HIV l, HIV II, HCV and Syphilis. We can also supply product that has been more extensively screened to current FDA standards.
  • Plasma derived human serum.
    Defibrinated and delipidated plasma (stabilised serum) is a useful matrix for negative 'spiked' positive controls and can also be offered stripped of various components such as steroid hormones, thyroid hormones and insulin.
  • Disease state and other special human serum and plasma.

Batch specific samples are available on request for serum and plasma products. A batch reservation service is also available.

True Human Serum (Off The Clot)

Whole blood is collected, without anticoagulant, and is allowed to clot naturally. The serum is then separated by centrifugation, removed and frozen at -20°C. This process is carried out as far as possible under aseptic conditions to keep any bacteriological contamination to a minimum. Each donor yields approximately 200ml.

Plasma Derived (Recovered) Human Serum

Plasma from outdated whole blood or citrated fresh frozen plasma is pooled and defibrinated to yield a stable, fibrin free serum like product. This is then dialysed to remove anticoagulant and levels of protein and electrolytes are restored to normal values.

Human Plasma

Whole blood is collected into anticoagulant, centrifuged, separated and the resulting plasma is stored at -20°C. The methods used are the same as for plasma intended for transfusion. The anticoagulant normally supplied is CPDA-1 although others may be available on request.


Products are normally supplied free from added preservatives although these can be added to customer's specification.


All human blood products are obtained from healthy donors in approved blood collection centres.


(product codes beginning CS/DS/PS/DPS)

Sterility is achieved by pressure filtration to 0.2μm and subsequent filtering under aseptic conditions into sterile bottles. Filtration to 0.1μm is available where mycoplasma removal is required. Serum can also be clarified if required.

Product Safety

In accordance with US FDA and UK DoH requirements, all human blood products are tested by approved methods, at individual donor level, for HbsAg and antibodies to HIV I & II, HCV and Syphilis. Records of individual donors are kept on file and a certificate of testing is issued with each batch of material. However, we recommend that all material of human origin is considered as potentially hazardous and is handled with appropriate care.

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