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EasySeed™ - the global reference standard for Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing.

  • Rapid Quality Control Procedure
  • Flow Cytometer Enumerated
  • Precise Demonstration of Testing Performance

EasySeed™ has been approved by the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The products are flow-sorted to contain 100 gamma-irradiated Cryptosporidium parvum (Iowa Strain) oocysts and 100?1 Giardia lamblia cysts in approximately 1ml of saline solution (Z9ES-CG100), or 100°C parvum oocysts only (Z9ES-C100). EasySeed™ can simply be added to your QC water sample for a precise and consistent demonstration of testing performance.

Gamma-irradiated oocysts and cysts are safe to use and morphologically stable. EasySeed™ tubes are sealed, sterilised and stable for 4 months. Kits contain 10 vials. If required, vials can be customised to contain a specified number of oocysts.

EasySeed™ - A standard control containing known numbers of <em>Cryptosporidium</em> oocysts and <em>Giardia</em> cysts
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Product Data

Code Description Size
Z9ES-C100 EasySeedCryptosporidium 100 10 Vials
Z9ES-CG100 EasySeedCryptosporidium & Giardia 100 10 Vials
Z9ES-CUS* EasySeed™ Custom* 10 Vials

Products can be purchased as Cryptosporidium only or Cryptosporidium and Giardia combined.

* can be produced to order with a specified number of Cryptosporidium oocysts and / or Giardia cysts.

Available in the UK and Europe only.

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