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Compact Dry™

MicroVal* Approved Chromogenic Media Plates

Compact Dry™ chromogenic media plates have a range of microbiological applications.

  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Interpret - Chromogenic Results
  • Time and Labour Saving
Compact Dry Application


Compact Dry™ plates provide a convenient test method for counting micro-organisms. The plates are supplied sterile and ready-to-use, and the media is dehydrated allowing for a long shelf life at room temperature. The incorporation of chromogenic agents in the media ensures that the plates are easy to interpret, making them an ideal alternative to the conventional pour plate method.

Compact Dry™ plates

The plates can be used to test raw materials as well as finished products such as; food, beverages, meat and cosmetics. Compact Dry™ is ideal for laboratory use and is portable, facilitating on-site sampling.

Compact Dry™ app;icatons

The unique design of the Compact Dry™ Swab enables effective samples of even the most difficult areas.

Room temperature storage and easy-to-use design make Compact Dry™ plates the ideal solution for a range of microbiology testing requirements.


Compact Dry™ offers a quick and convenient method of identifying contaminants in a wide range of liquid and solid samples. Simply apply 1ml of liquid sample to the plate and the sample will diffuse evenly throughout the media. Dry samples can be collected and hydrated using the Compact Dry™ Swab. Simply swab, mix and apply. Once grown, the colonies are pigmented with different colours, developed by chromogenic substrates and redox indicators. The type of bacteria is identified by its colour, this allows bacteria to be easily identified or selected for further investigations.

The unique design of the Compact Dry™ Swab enables effective sampling of difficult-to-reach areas. Also, Compact Dry TM plates can be used to test membrane filters by simply adding sterile water to the plates, placing the filters, trap side up, onto the plates and incubating as normal.

Available for total count and individual micro-organisms, Compact Dry™ is offered for a wide range of micro-organisms.

Product Incubation time (hrs) Incubation Temp. (°C)
Compact Dry™ TC for Total counts 48 hours 35 - 2°C
Compact Dry™ EC for E. coli and coliforms 24 hours 35 - 2°C
Compact Dry™ CF for coliforms 18 - 24 hours 35 - 2°C (40 - 42°C for faecal coliforms)
Compact Dry™ YM for yeasts and moulds 3 - 7 days 25 - 30°C
Compact Dry™ ETB for Enterobacteriaceae 24 - 48 hours 36 - 1°C
Compact Dry™ SA for Staphylococcus aureus 48 hours 36 - 1°C
Compact Dry™ VP for Vibrio parahaemolyticus 18 - 24 hours 36 - 1°C
Compact Dry™ TTC for total count in tea products 48 hours 35 - 2°C
Compact Dry™ ETC for Enterococci 20 - 24 hours 35 - 2°C
Compact Dry™ SL for Salmonella 20 - 24 hours 42 - 1°C

Please use the incubation temperature/time according to the local food analysis regulations.

Compact Dry™ plates are offered in boxes of 40, 240 and 920. Compact Dry™ Swabs are offered in boxes of 40 and 240.


  • 100% sterilized and dehydrated film medium
  • Long shelf life at RT
  • Ready to use media
  • Clearly defined coloured colonies by development of chromogenic substrates
  • Easy picking for subculture


Compact Dry™ ETB, EC , CF and TC have all been tested and approved by MicroVal.

MicroVal is a European certification organisation for the validation and approval of alternative methods for the microbiological analysis of food and beverages.

More information on MicroVal is available at

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