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Animal Serum and Plasma

Animal Serum and Plasma Sterile serum is widely used in cell culture, microbiology and in the preparation of diagnostic kits.

We are pleased to add our range Fetal Bovine Serum of Australian and New Zealand origin produced by Moregate Biotech and Donor Bovine Serum of New Zealand origin produced by South Pacific Sera.

Australia and New Zealand, being island countries with the strictest quarantine systems, have remained relatively disease-free. This coupled with careful collection, strict processing and filtration procedures and rigorous testing ensures product of the highest quality. Serum is shipped direct from the country of origin. Comprehensive documentation is provided which demonstrates full product traceability.

Donor animals are screened for viruses and pathogens prior to being introduced into the donor groups. Processing is carried out in accordance with our strict operating procedures. Certificates of analysis are available upon request.

We are aware that some customers do not require Animal Serum and Plasma which has been through the stringent control procedures described above.

Many of our customers use Animal Serum and Plasma for non-critical procedures or for research and development applications. We now offer a value for money range of alternative products.

Our Animal Serum and Plasma products are each sourced from an identified origin. These products carry limited documentation, including a certificate of conformity.

Please note: Orders will be shipped out on dry ice, standard charge will apply. If you do not wish to have your order sent on dry ice, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Donor Horse Serum - Serum Grade Options

To meet all your laboratory needs, depending on your application, we are pleased to offer 2 grades of our 0.1μm sterile filtered Donor Horse Serum. These are all manufactured in our Buckinghamshire facility, supported by the same production principles, traceability and our very high quality standards. All grades are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. The differences between the grades are summarised below:

  • Reagent grade: endotoxin <10 EU/ml
  • Laboratory grade: endotoxin <50 EU/ml

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.


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