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C4Hydro™ - Legio EZ-Test™ and Legio EZ-Count™

TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to announce our partnership with C4Hydro™. C4Hydro™ is an innovative company that develops and provides fast, simple and accurate tools for monitoring the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in water.

Legio EZ-TEST™

A solution providing equivalent results to the standard culture method, allowing detection of all serogroups of cultivable Legionella pneumophila in all types of water systems:

  • Sanitary Hot Waters
  • Tertiary Cooling Towers
  • Industrial Cooling Towers
Legio EZ-TEST™

Legio EZ-Test™ has been developed to provide a fast, simple and accurate tool for monitoring the presence of Legionella pneumophila in water. Using a CNRS patented innovation, Legio EZ-Test™ is the only testing solution capable of exclusively detecting cultivable L. pneumophila of all serogroups in 48 hours, making it the most advanced and reliable alternative to the standard culture method.

Legio EZ-Test™ Lab Solution provides a fast and innovative detection method, allowing testing laboratories to provide their clients with rapid answers.

Legio EZ-Test™ Field Solution brings Legionella control directly to the location, eliminating sample transit delays.

Legio EZ-Test™ testing protocols are straightforward to use, and do not require technical experience. You can begin using the test right away!

Benefits of the kit:

  • Tests results in only 48 hours
  • Exclusively detects cultivable cells of Legionella pneumophila
  • 95% equivalence to the standard culture method, but much quicker!


Semi-quantitative estimation of c.f.u. count per litre.

Especially designed to suit the specific requirements of cooling tower and water-cooled circuit testing, Legio EZ-Count™ provides a simple way to monitor the risk of L. pneumophila by estimating the concentration in water samples.

Optimal Risk Management

  • Propagation risk control
  • Quick verification of disinfection efficacy
  • Treatment cost optimisation

Accurate Risk Measurement

  • Detection of all serogroups of cultivable L. pneumophila
  • In 48H versus > 10 days with standard culture method

User-Friendly All-in-One Solution

  • No qualifications needed
  • Simple 3-stage procedure

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