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New Product: Isolate Cryptosporidium IMS

Until recently, the manual immunomagnetic separation (IMS) procedure was the only step in the DWI approved Cryptosporidium method which had not been improved. TCS Water Sciences has now developed a semi automated IMS system, Isolate®, based on a kit developed by ImmuCell Corporation, USA.

Isolate® is a unique product offering semi automated immunomagnetic separation (IMS) of Cryptosporidium oocysts in environmental water samples. Isolate® is able to process pellets of up to 2 ml in volume, significantly reducing the need for split samples, and yields good recoveries even in dirty water samples. The automation of the Isolate® test standardises the rocking motion, eliminating human error and achieving improved consistency and reliability of results.

Cryptosporidium oocysts in the concentrate are captured and separated by magnetic action. Separated oocysts are stained with an approved FITC antibody stain, and visualised by fluorescence microscopy.

TCS Water Sciences compliments the Isolate® Cryptosporidium test by offering a range of high quality Cryptosporidium testing products; our expertise in the field of Cryptosporidium enables us to offer you technical support and advice. TCS offers exceptional levels of customer service to ensure you get what you want when you want it.

The following table shows the results of a study which compared the Isolate® system with a manual IMS test. Isolate® achieved considerably improved results with increased recovery of Cryptosporidium, and greater consistency, evidenced by the narrower data ranges. The results highlight the sensitivity of the manual method to operator technique and thus the superiority of automation.

Percentage recovery of Cryptosporidium from an upland treated water sample.

Manual IMS


Packed Pellet 0.5ml 1ml 0.5ml 1ml
Mean (n = 10) 49.7 48.4 83.7 80.4
Range 30-82 17-91 72-92 62-89
Percentage recovery of Cryptosporidium from a river water sample.

Manual IMS


Packed Pellet 0.5ml 1ml 0.5ml 1ml
Mean (n = 10) 54.2 30.0 68.1 75.4
Range 45-66 25-41 60-85 58-87

Materials supplied by TCS Water Sciences:

  • Isolate® Cryptosporidium 100 Test Kit (ZAICS100)
  • Isolate® Rotator Disc and Hub (ZAICS2)
  • Incu-Clip (ZAICS3), Magna-Clip (ZAICS4), Micro-Clip (ZAICS5)
  • Dissociation Block (ZAICS8)
  • Variable speed rotator (ZAICSI)
  • Glass Leighton tubes (ZAICS6)

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