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To: Customers and Distributors of animal blood and serum products

It is our intention to change the status of the products listed below. The details of the change and the reason for it are given below.

Product: Animal Blood and Serum products see Appendix 1 for full list of products and product codes

Proposed Change Date: 1 January 2022

Change Details:

These products will no longer be classed as in vitro diagnostic products (IVDs). The labels for these products will not include the CE or IVD symbols.

Reason for Change:

Currently the products listed in Appendix 1 are classified as IVDs in accordance with Annex Ill of Directive 98/79/EC and a self-declaration of conformity is available for each product.

Directive 98/79/EC is to be replaced by Regulation (EU) 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) for which the date of application is 26 May 2022.

It is a requirement of the IVDR to reclassify all IVDs in accordance with the classification rules. None of the seven classification rules applies to the animal blood and serum products listed in Appendix 1.

As the animal blood and serum products are used as raw materials in manufacture and not as finished products for in vitro diagnosis of patients it will also not be possible to meet all the IVDR requirements for conformity assessment and performance evaluation.

For these reasons the products in Appendix 1, below, will no longer be classed as IVDs.


The removal of the CE and IVD symbols will have no impact on the manufacturing processes or quality of the products listed in Appendix 1; the change described is solely the removal of IVD status.

These products will continue to be suitable as raw materials for manufacture of IVDs.

TCS Biosciences will retain and maintain the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and !SIA (International Serum Industry Association) Traceability Certification in accordance with current practices.

There is no impact on the issue of certificates of analysis for the products listed in Appendix 1.


Product Product codes
Bovine Blood in Alsever's OB0?AP
Bovine Blood Defibrinated BB003
Bovine Blood in Heparin BB-HEP-1 L
Chicken Blood Cells (Adult) in Alsever's FB010AP, FB011AP, FB012AP, FB013AP
Chicken Whole Blood in Alsever's 1:1 FB021AP
Chicken Whole Blood Defibrinated Non-Sterile FB022AP
Goat Blood in Alsever's OB026AP
Guinea Pig Blood Cells in Alsever's PB029AP,PB030AP,PB031AP,PB032AP
Whole Foal Blood in EDTA HB110
Mouse Blood in K2 EDTA MS011
Pig Blood Citrated Raw 2% Sodium Citrate PB003AP
Pig Whole Blood Sterile 9:1 Citrate Mixture PB002AP
Pig Blood in EDTA PB004AP
Rabbit Blood in Alsever's RB053AP, RB054AP, RB056AP
Rabbit Blood Defibrinated RB051AP, RB052AP,RB055AP
Rat Blood in EDTA (raw) OB122
Male Rat Blood in K2 EDTA OB115
Sheep Blood Buffy Coat Suspension SB117
Turkey Blood in Alsever's OB117AP
Turkey Cells in Alsever's OB118AP. OB119AP

Dec 2021

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