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TECTA™ - Automated Microbiology Detection System

TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to announce our exclusive distribution partnership with TECTA-PDS. TECTA-PDS is an innovative company that develops and provides fast, simple and accurate tools for monitoring the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in water.

TECTA™ Automated Microbiology Detection System

  • Rapid detection of E.coli and Total Coliforms in one simple, fully automated test.
  • Each TECTA cartridge contains all necessary reagents required for the test.
  • Quantitative results in 2-18 hours.
  • Simple test protocol, fully automated reporting of results.

The TECTATM System is a complete, self-contained automated microbiology testing system capable of providing laboratory-grade results on-site with unprecedented time-to-result performance.

Full automation of the test analysis and interpretation processes eliminates the need for subjective, visual interpretation of results. An objective, written test report is produced for each sample tested.

Extreme ease-of-use means that even non-technical personnel can initiate testing and perform all required quality assurance procedures to ensure laboratory-grade test results.

TECTA B16 - 16 bay system
TECTA B16 - 16 bay system
TECTA - 16 bay system
TECTA B16 - 16 bay system

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid alerting with no fixed incubation delay
  • Highly reliable with minimal sample handling
  • No sample preparation or visual interpretation of results is required
  • 4 or 16 random access bays, add tests at any time
  • Automatic reporting of results that are sent directly via email notification to any device immediately upon detection
  • Simple operation
  • High dynamic range eliminates need for multiple dilutions
  • Direct testing of turbid samples, without the need to clean up
  • Industry-standard enzyme indicators of target bacteria
  • Self-contained desktop packaging with touch-screen control
TECTA - 4 bay system
TECTA - B4 bay system
TECTA Process 1  
TECTA Process 1  
TECTA Process 1  

TECTA PDS uses industry standard enzyme indicators of target bacteria.

TECTA PDS automatically detects fluorescence which triggers the result.

The higher the contamination level, the more fluorescence and the faster the result.


Simply add 100ml of sample and mix

Place the Cartridge in the TECTA PDS system and close the lid. Testing automatically starts.

Full test results are emailed as soon as they are available:

Sample Report

Quantitative results within 2 to 18 hours depending on level of contamination. TECTA PDS has single cell sensitivity.

TECTA Cartidge

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