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Disease State Human Serum and Plasma - Biomex


TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to announce our partnership with Biomex GmbH. Biomex has been a specialist manufacturer of biological and chemical raw materials for more than 20 years.


Biomex is part of Mex GmbH. The group consists of DiaMex, MEXACARE and ESfEQA.

Over 90% of all special plasmas and all specific negative plasmas are produced in Biomex’s own plasma donation centres in Heidelberg and Munich, collecting annually over 18,000 litres of normal plasma and 350 litres of disease state plasma. Biomex also has blood collection centres based in Cameroon and Florida.

Products not manufactured but supplied by Biomex are sourced through carefully selected, exlusively contracted partners.

HCV panels are available from TCS Biosciences Ltd. - click here for more information.

Quality Standards

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification.

ISO 13485 : 2003 Certification.

L2 laboratory complying with DIN 58956-3.

Ethical approvel from the Ethic Commission of the Bayrischen Landesärztekammer.

Plasma collection centres regulated to comply with the guidelines of the Bundesärztekammer.

Collaboration with the Paul Ehrlich Institut.

Cooperation with doctor, clinics and a number national reference laboratories (HIV, HAV, Borrelien, Chlamydien etc.)

Currently licensing a plasma collection centre to comply with FDA standards.

ISO 9001 Certificate - Biomex
ISO 9001 Certificate (tuv) - Biomex
Bulk Plasma

Bulk Plasma

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
    Anti-HAV, Anti-HBV, Anti-HCV, Anti-HEV, Anti-HIV1, Anti-HIV1 gO, Anti-HIV2
  • ToRCH (Anti-Toxo, Anti-Rubella, Anti-CMV, Anti-HSV1 and Anti-HSV2)
  • Autoimmunology (ANA speckled, Anti-Cardiolipin-Ak, Anti-ß2-Glycoprotein1, Anti-CCP)
  • Hemostasis (Coumadin plasma, D-dimer, Deficient Factor V/VIII/XI)
  • Others

Used in: ELISA and EIA controls and calibration.

Target customers: Production and purchasing in the diagnostic industry

Patient Samples

Patient Samples

  • Infectious diseases (STDs, ToRCH & Co.)
  • Clinical Chemistry (Glucose, Sodium, AST, CRP)
  • Immunoassay (TSH, hCG, Vitamin D)
  • Cardiac Markers (CKMB, Troponin I, ProBNP)
  • Tumor Markers (CEA, CA15-3, PSA)
  • Others

Used in: Research and Development (Validation, Quality Control)

Target Customers: Scientists and Development of diagnostics

Panels for QC

Panels for QC

  • Inhibition Panel
    • Hemolytic (hemoglobin), Lipemic (triglyceride) and Icteric (bilirubin)
  • Interference Panels
    • HAMA, Pregnant woman, Multipara, Hyper IgM, Hyper IgG, Dialysis Patient, Rheumatoid Diseases, Thyroid Diseases, Herpes Panel, Hepatitis Panel etc.
  • Sero Conversion Panels
  • Matched Sets
  • Others

Used in: Validation, Quality Control, Efficiency Assessments or cross-sensitivity tests

Target Customers: R&D, Quality Control

Project Specific Collection

Project Specific Collection

  • Design
    • Stability Studies
    • Validation Studies of Sample Tubes
    • Freeze-Thaw-Cycle (how frequent the sample can be frozen and then thawed)
    • Fresh Blood Studies (Europe)
  • Drawing of samples
  • Collection of data, and execution of Studies

Used in: Validation, Registration

Target Customers: R&D, Quality Control

Commodities for Research Development and Production

  • Negative Plasma/Serum
  • Defibrinated:
    fibrin removed from human plasma
  • Defibrinated & Cross-Flow-Filtration:
    as above, additionally, low molecular constituents are separated by membrane technology
  • Defibrinated & Delipidized:
    fibrin and lipids removed from human plasma
  • Defibrinated, Delipidized and Charcoal Treated:
    as above, additionally, treated with charcoal to remove steroids
  • Human Serum Off the Clot (Pooled):
    supernatant of naturally clotted human plasma

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