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AB Molecular

AB Molecular Ltd.

We are pleased to introduce AB Molecular Ltd, our joint venture company with AB Scientific Ltd. AB Molecular is the exclusive distributor in the UK for GenMark Dx and will be promoting their innovative ePlex® technology.

Read on to find more about ePlex®, or visit the AB Molecular website.

GenMark Dx® - ePlex® Rapid Pathogen Detection

ePlex - simple multiplex molecular testing.

ePlex - Transforming Multiplex Molecular Testing

For respiratory pathogens and blood culture ID. A simple to use, walkaway, sample-to-answer solution designed to deliver rapid, actionable results and improve efficiency within the laboratory as well as at the point of care.

GenMarkDX offer the most comprehensive respiratory and blood culture panels including resistance gene detection along with a bi-directional interface for rapid and secure patient results.

Software Designed to Improve Efficiency and Patient Care

While many systems claim sample-to-answer capabilities, only ePlex is able to integrate the entire process from order-to-report to better realise the patient and laboratory benefits of rapid, multiplex molecular diagnostics. ePlex offers a number of unique solutions that were thoughtfully engineered to address the biggest challenges facing the clinical laboratory and to support hospital systems in delivering patient centred, value-based care.


Random and continuous access to the system


Add any test type at any time to the system


ePlex offers the shortest hands on time possible


Modular in design to allow simple expansion

Modular and Scalable to Meet the Demands of Any Institution

ePlex offers a modular and scalable design that means it is simple to increase testing capacity. With five different instrument configurations that range from 3 to 24 test bays, ePlex delivers consistent order-to-report service levels across institutions of any size. ePlex NP (Near Patient) brings syndromic testing closer to the patient at institutions running as few as 12 patient samples per shift. The ePlex 4 Tower configuration outpaces any sample-to-answer platform in some of the world’s largest diagnostic laboratories.

  ePlex NP ePlex 1 Tower ePlex 2 Tower ePlex 3 Tower ePlex 4 Tower
SpecificationePlex NPePlex 1 TowerePlex 2 TowerePlex 3 TowerePlex 4 Tower
Random access:YesYesYesYesYes
Test bays:36121824
Throughput per 8h:1224487296
Automated QC:YesYesYesYesYes
Bi-Dir. LIS connectivity:YesYesYesYesYes
Epidemiology report:YesYesYesYesYes
Dimensions (cm):59H x 48Dx 54W59H x 48Dx 54W59H x 48D x 72W59H x 48D x 91D59H x 48D x109W

ePlex Panels

GenMark Diagnostics is committed to addressing the need to improve patient care through the design and development of comprehensive multiplex panels. Their growing infectious disease menu currently includes panels for respiratory pathogens and blood culture identification for both bacteria and fungal pathogens.

ePlex Multiplex Panels

Comprehensive solutions to aid diagnosis and accelerate treatment decisions

RP Panel

Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RP)

20 viral and 3 bacterial targets associated with upper respiratory infections from a nasopharyngeal swab


Blood Culture Identification Gram-Positive Panel (BCID-GP)

>20 bacterial and resistance targets associated with bloodstream infections from positive blood culture


Blood Culture Identification Gram-Negative Panel (BCID-GN)

>25 bacterial and resistance targets associated with bloodstream infections from positive blood culture


Blood Culture Identification Fungal Pathogen Panel (BCID-FP)

Fungal targets associated with bloodstream infections from positive blood culture

Scaleable configuration and throughput

Ordering Information

For more information, visit the AB Molecular website.

To arrange a demonstration, quotation or meeting to discuss your needs, contact AB Molecular:

AB Molecular Ltd.
Botyl Road,
Botolph Claydon,
Buckingham, MK18 2LR

t: +44 (0)20 8396 0420
f: +44 (0)20 8396 0425

AB Molecular is a joint venture between AB Scientific Ltd and TCS Biosciences Ltd.

AB Molecular

TCS Biosciences Ltd
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